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A Trusted Partner For MedTech Innovators

MEDQOR accelerates sales with industry-leading data, market intelligence, and
tech-enabled marketing services for MedTech suppliers.

The MEDQOR platform connects seamlessly to supplier systems and is powered
by the largest, most comprehensive database covering the U,S. healthcare
economy. We are transforming billions of data points into qualified buyer profiles
that create paths to commercial success in the healthcare market.

With more than $17 billion in lost revenues each year due to sales and marketing inefficiencies, we help MedTech identify, connect, and form relationships with new customers.

MEDQOR helps eliminate negative patient outcomes by delivering market intelligence, thought leadership and information services via our business intelligence platform and MEDQOR Medical Network.

With MEDQOR, healthcare providers stay current with innovating technologies and MedTech connects with healthcare providers.

At MEDQOR, we work with device suppliers and interact with healthcare providers daily. We understand the growing challenges that healthcare providers face in staying abreast of rapidly advancing technologies. We understand the difficulties MedTech suppliers face in bringing devices to market. MEDQOR is uniquely positioned to solve for those problems. Our powerful combination of highly respected information services, cutting edge intelligence-based marketing services, and the worlds largest repository of real-world data on the U.S. healthcare economy, MEDQOR drives product adoption and improves patient outcomes.

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Our Solutions

Go-To-Market Optimization

MEDQOR uses Relationship Intelligence algorithms to connect disparate data sets and enrich your own CRM to have more accurate, reliable customer intelligence and AI-backed insights.

Data-Based Decision Support

MEDQOR data drives decision-making. The dynamic integration of unparalleled data, transformative technology, and essential domain expertise, help MEDQOR customers achieve faster paths to success.

KAIROS Marketing Intelligence

Engage your key accounts with an intelligence-based marketing campaigns that deliver tailor-made content to all parts of the buyer’s group at the optimal time for conversion. 

Healthcare Knowledge

The MEDQOR Medical Network delivers unmatched expertise and insights through balanced, original content on how technology and innovation are shaping the future of healthcare.  

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