Our Platform

Connecting Real-World Data and Real-World Evidence to Your Business

Our platform uses Al. Ml. and real-world data to build profiles of qualified buyers and to create demand for innovative devices.

We provide actionable insights by identifying unseen relationships. between 400 billion data points on the US Healthcare economy. We connect directly to your CRM or ERP to enable MedTech suppliers to accelerate sales

Improve Your Content Strategy

Understand buyer’s group personas, journeys and tendencies to add more data to your data-driven marketing efforts. 

Maximize R&D Efforts

Get market intelligence on what’s being built for and bought by your target market. 

Gain Sales Insights

Close more deals faster by knowing what next steps you need to take to motivate your buyer to commit.

Take Over New Markets

Identify underserved facilities and organizations, emerging procedures, and new buying habits to win more market share.

Get Complete Market Data At Your Fingertips

MEDQOR offers a 360-degree view of the entire U.S. healthcare economy.  The proprietary MEDQOR dataset includes over 8,000 unique databases that are united in a single, powerful platform using data science, ML, and AI. Our powerful matching logic unifies 400 billion data points on over 7.5 million providers, 1.5 million facilities, 4 million devices, and 20 million procedures into a single platform.

Layer Relationship Intelligence Onto Your CRM Records

MEDQOR’s integrations, APIs, and full-featured marketing and sales software help our clients acquire new customers, generate leads, market and manage information about their businesses. Enrich your CRM to have accurate, reliable customer data and actionable next steps to facilitate revenue-growing tasks. 

Monitor Real-time Prescriptive Dashboards

Our data-rich dynamic dashboards display Relationship Intelligence insights that help you track pipeline progress, market opportunites and content performance. Easily navigate detailed prospect records highlighting behavioral data, lead scoring, company and persona profiling and buyer’s journey history. 

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Unlock Relationship Intelligence
Get data-driven insights to enable better relationships between buyer and supplier

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