MEDQOR™ connects.
Access dynamic device market models
on the fly in real-time to deliver real
value to your stakeholders.

Our core technology platform, MEDQOR™ was created to improve and accelerate decision making to achieve new levels of business productivity.
Dynamic Interface
The exploration and interpretation of your business data through a critical supply chain lens is critical to harnessing the power of big data insights.  MEDQOR™ employs multi-dimensional, dynamic reporting from real-time interactive business data, as well as: • Rapid network modeling • Real-time interaction visualization • Four physics engines assimilate data using velocity, gravity, volume, repulsion • 51 applets (and growing!) for data and insights presentations
Connect Everything
Why is MEDQOR™ so powerful? One of the differentiators between MEDQOR™ and other analytics products on the market is the breadth of data accommodated by the tool. MEDQOR™ can access thousands of core sources – metadata, software platforms, public data repositories, blogs, social media, conversations, advertising, emails, articles, even print and television ads. The comprehensive nature of our core data set gives our clients insight across their entire supply chain ecosystem – not just a portion of it. MEDQOR™ is able to collect this massive quantity of data through its many data pipelines. First, the discovery process sifts more than 2 zettabytes of internet data. MEDQOR™ then taps data from dozens of offline data sources like credit bureau data, USDA, Alexa, Nielsen and others via custom API. Lastly we access our client’s business data, including POS information, CRM, inventory, and image data. This ability to access the Public Domain as well as the Private (“dark net”) is just one of the capabilities that sets our solution far above the competition. Most business intelligence players on the market only look at a small subset of one of these data pools. MEDQOR™? We collect, analyze, and interpret all of it in real time. That’s what makes our insights invaluable to our clients and unparalleled in our field.
Fire Up Insights
After the initial discovery process, a variety of crawlers are deployed to navigate and investigate a vast sea of data. Following this, up to 28 parsers, which organize and identify data like natural language and images, are used to determine which data may be actually applicable to the business, leaving only relevant data behind. MEDQOR™ provides a topographical map to help businesses determine the best path forward. This detailed map does not function as a simple Point A to Point B mechanism, but offers insights, that when analyzed by our data scientists, can help companies navigate and plan a course of action that will ultimately affect their audience engagement, business planning, strategy, workflow processes, and client acquisition, as well as their ability to recognize potential obstacles and opportunities.
Automate Business Processes
When businesses utilize successful automated business processes, they should be able to integrate all their different work applications, restructure their labor resources, and redefine their workflow for maximum efficiency and profitability. Some of the steps taken into account are: • Automation of existing processes • Evaluation of existing processes by analyzing how rules and regulations affect entire processes • Finding the best automated system solution By integrating business data and invaluable insights from MEDQOR™, we not only streamline workflow processes, but restructure entire company interfaces.
“This thing makes my other BI tools look like kid’s toys. MEDQOR™ is magic!” We go beyond ordinary big data analytics by housing multiple engines within a lightning fast, easy to deploy framework to power sophisticated device market models.


Small Investment. Large Impact. No Risk. Try the MEDQOR™ Platform risk-free for 30 days.  Set-up is easy taking just a few days when assisted by our customer experience team and expert data scientists.  We’ll also provide a dedicated system engineer to help you fine-tune your set-up and answer any questions you may have. MEDQOR™ provides access to pre-configured device market models for small teams and consultants built around our focus areas and available for individual users as a monthly subscription with no long term commitment.  TryMEDQOR™ for up to 30 days and if you aren’t satisfied, cancel your subscription for a 100% refund.

MEDQOR™ monthly subscriptions are as low as $495/month and may be canceled with a 30 day’s notice.

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