Marketing Services

MEDQOR gives marketers a competitive edge

We reach over 7 million healthcare professionals each year across our ten verticals and have all the technology and data needed to help you activate the right people using a variety of engaging tactics.


We have 30 years of consumer behavior data and insights, and we focus on helping you pinpoint market opportunities. Allow our expertise to be your asset! We can help you capitalize on unmet demand via evidence-based decisions.


We are much more than a traditional media company. We’ve developed industry dominant software that not only powers our editorial and content marketing strategies but also allows advertisers to look at the market through a fine-tuned competitive lens. Contact us to find out about custom and out-of-the-box solutions.


Pre-existing thorough engagement of healthcare professionals in multiple verticals enables us to help provide an elevated return on your marketing and advertising investments. Our strategies enable innovative marketers to maximize budgets and create results-oriented programs.

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Our readership is hungry for industry-specific information and regularly consumes our newsletters and direct eBlasts. Our email offering can help you gain share of voice in the most competitive location in all of advertising, the inbox of your buyer. 

Web Banners

Display banners should be integral parts of all online campaigns. Banners serve as great introductory pieces because good banner ads will drive recall and lay the groundwork for future leads and conversions But banner ad campaigns are only effective when displayed to the right audience. 

Programmatic Advertising

The web is a big place. It makes finding the right sites with the right audience to place your advertising a challenging task. What if you could target that specific audience on any site, anywhere, day or night? Our programmatic advertising packages give you that option.

Content Marketing

Content marketing—sharing your brand’s knowledge via videos, white papers, articles, and other mediums—is an extremely effective advertising method because it educates and engages the audience. Content marketing can drive conversions, increase social follows, and improve brand awareness where traditional ad campaigns may falter. A good content marketing campaign resonates.


MEDQOR’s brands deliver news, analysis, thought leadership and educational content to healthcare technology decision-makers to stay informed and better understand how technology and innovation is shaping the future of healthcare.

MEDQOR’ Medical Network spans multiple key sectors of U.S. healthcare and is expanding rapidly.

Our current focus includes…

Aesthetic Treatment, Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology

Audiology & Ontology

Clinical Diagnostics

Dental & Orthodontics

Healthcare Technology Management

Imaging & Radiology

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation Science

Respiratory Care

Sleep Medicine

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