Go-to-Market Optimization

Power Device Adoption and Accelerate Sales Revenue

Our Relationship Intelligence algorithms equip revenue teams with recommendations to increase productivity, close deals faster and hit sales targets. 

Unlock Prescriptive Analytics For Your Business 

Improve CRM Data Quality and Coverage

Identify Buying Intent In Your Pipeline

Determine Next Best Steps To Close

Enrich, Identify, Act on Data

MEDQOR fills in data gaps in your CRM, pinpoints actionable behavior of key accounts, and provides prescriptive insights to move them towards a deal.

Improve Revenue Team’s Efficiency

Access high quality, continuously updated Relationship Intelligence on customers to maximize every buyer interaction.  Know what the next best action take with your prospect is based on past behavior. 

Create a 360 Customer View

Gain visibility on past and present actions your prospects are taking to better understand where they are in the buyer’s journey. 

Connect Disparate Healthcare Data Sets

Our database is built by marrying public, private, partnered, and proprietary 1st party data via AI and machine-learning algorithms to provide organizations with robust data, informatics, and insights that help to solve vexing health-related issues and drive business growth.

Harness The Largest Data Platform on the Healthcare Economy

Get comprehensive, accurate records on over 8.5 million healthcare providers and C-Suite members in all sectors of U.S. healthcare​. Unlock demographic, psychographic, and firmographic attributes​ for each contact. Leverage powerful, proprietary 1st party data insights, including HCP behavioral reports, topical interests and purchasing intent​ scores.

Layer Relationship Intelligence Onto Your CRM Records

MEDQOR’s integrations, APIs, and full-featured marketing and sales software helps our clients acquire new customers, generate leads, market, and manage information about their business. We use proprietary Relationship Intelligence algorithms to provide actionable insight on your CRM accounts by identifying unseen relationships between disparate data sets to yield accelerated growth opportunities.

Monitor Real-Time Prescriptive Dashboards

Our data-rich dynamic dashboards display Relationship Intelligence insights that help you track pipeline progress, market opportunites and content performance. Easily navigate detailed prospect records highlighting behavioral data, lead scoring, company and persona profiling and buyer’s journey history. 

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Drive Sales Growth
Unlock prescriptive analytics for your business and prompt rapid solution adoption for improves patient and business outcomes. 

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