KAIROS Intelligence-Based Marketing

Tech-Enabled Marketing That Delivers ROI

KAIROS combines the world’s largest healthcare data platform with the power of Account Based Marketing while leveraging our unique relationship with your target account’s key decision-makers and influencers in a solution proven to close more deals.

Engage your best customers with a personalized, 1-to-1 methodology.

Traditional marketing wastes billions targeting the wrong people

Companies average 2.5x lift in MQLs when using ABM

91% of companies using ABM increase average deal size

Reach A Complex Buyer’s Group

Today’s MedTech buyer’s groups have an average of 6-10 stakeholders across multiple departments while sales reps only have relationships with ~2 people in the organization. KAIROS campaigns utilize buyer insights to create effective content marketing assets to engage the entire buyer’s group for primary, secondary and tertiary sales cycles. 

Create Content That Converts

The MEDQOR Medical Network readers constantly provide data through which they can be understood. This data yields powerful insight upon which we build integrated strategies for richer, more satisfying content experiences that are tailored specifically for your brand to guide prospects through every stage of the customer journey to conversion.

Focus on Revenue-Driving KPIs

Spend less time looking at superficial metrics on broad audience actions. KAIROS Campaign Dashboards leverage Google Data Studio to visualize brand reach and content effectiveness. Engaged User Reports offer granular views on how highly-targeted prospects are flowing through the ABM campaign. Every interaction is captured and scored so you know what return your marketing campaign is driving.

Gain Unparalleled Audience Access

KAIROS leverages the MEDQOR Medical Network’s unique relationship with your target account’s key decision-makers and influencers as a trusted authority in healthcare information services. We use advanced targeting and tailor-made content to engage with all parts of the buyer’s group enabling healthcare device sales and marketing teams to generate sales ready qualified leads and build brand awareness.

Leverage The Power of Account Based Marketing

The typical sales funnel casts a wide net to a large audience. KAIROS flips that funnel upside down. We work with your sales and marketing departments to develop a content and sales playbook. We use your best customers to create a perfect prospect profile and use our proprietary dataset to find additional ideal prospects. We marry those lookalike prospects to your campaign and serve the right message at the right time during the buying cycle.

Tap into The Largest Healthcare Data Platform

We built the world’s largest database on the U.S. healthcare economy and combined it with 1st party buyer insights to better understand the needs of HCPs. Unlock data on 8.5M+ medical professionals (50,000 C-Suite) enriched with firmographic, demographic, and psychographic data. Reach the C-Suite, finance, operations, IT, physicians, nurses, technicians and more to target your decision makers and influencers in your buyer’s group.

Get Reporting That Moves The Needle

KAIROS Intelligence Reporting offers Real-Time Reporting Dashboards accessible at all times and offers a high level view of Reach, Impressions, Engagement, Submissions and Content Consumption. Drill down section by section to get insights on how each piece of content is performing while seeing an easy to digest view of how targeted prospects are flowing through the ABM campaign.  Our Activity Report captures and scores every action a prospect takes on an individual level. When your Sales team gets the Engagement Report, they get unparallelled insights into where that prospect is in the buyer’s journey and what the seller’s next step is to close the deal.

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Reaching customers at the right moment requires the right data and strategy to target your message, the right tools to own a presence in the digital space, and the right creative to drive the messages’ impact.