MEDQOR’s intelligence engine, Chronicle Health, is a sophisticated software platform that fuses and interprets 400 billion data points on more than 7.5 million providers, 1.5 million facilities, 4 million devices, and 20 million procedures to help you make more informed decisions, spot opportunities, and gain a competitive edge.

Our omnichannel marketing data platform generates 18,000 proprietary data points per hour which are combined with the world’s largest database on the healthcare economy and integrated with your existing CRM. The resulting insights increase marketing ROI, shorten purchasing cycles, increase win rates, drive device adoption by healthcare providers, and accelerate customer acquisition for Pharma/MedTech suppliers

The world’s most important healthcare brands, more than 1,500 clients in total, which span 58,000 modalities rely on our Healthcare Business Intelligence platform to explore go-to-market strategies, connect with buyers, optimize relationships, and advance new healthcare technologies to improve patient outcomes.

Automate and strengthen your sales & marketing systems