Data Enrichment

Accurate, Complete, Immediate
Customer Data

With more than 400 billion data points on over 7.5 million providers, 1.5 million facilities, 4 million devices, and 20 million procedures, the MEDQOR platform can provide the intelligence you need to maximize every buyer interaction. 

Prioritize Sales Efforts

MEDQOR’s proprietary 1st party data via Al and machine-learning algorithms make it easy for MedTech supplier to identify and target buyers. Our robust data. informatics. and insights qualify customers using more than 50 different data points.

Identify Entire Buyer’s Groups

The average buyer’s group includes 8 HCP’s. The average device supplier has fewer than 3 in their CRM. MEDQOR’s comprehensive database puts suppliers in touch with decision-makers and influencers, improving sales and marketing efficiencies.

See Market Opportunities

See provider, facility, organization, procedure or device adoption trends in real-time. Our powerful matching logic transforms information & raw data into a manageable structure for decision-makers to understand key elements of their market and make more informed decisions.

Get Complete Customer Data At Your Fingertips

The proprietary MEDQOR dataset includes over 8,000 unique databases that are united in a single, powerful platform using data science, ML, and Al. Our platform makes it easy to enrich your CRM to identify ideal prospects. Unlock demographic. psychographic. and firmographic attributes for each contact. Leverage powerful 1st party data insights. including behavioral reports. purchasing intent scores and buyer person as.

Easily Integrate Real Time Business Intelligence Into Your CRM

MEDQOR’s integrations, APIs, and full-featured marketing and sales software help our clients acquire new customers, generate leads, market and manage information about their businesses. Enrich your data to have accurate, reliable customer data in your CRM and focus on revenue-growing tasks. Maintain an accurate record of your customer data to retain and grow customer accounts and rely on CRM data to produce insights and grow revenue.  

See a 360 View of the Entire U.S. Healthcare Economy

Our platform unites public, private, partner and 1st party data from over 8000 datasets and harmonizes them into one single complete view. We can segment our data by provider, facility, organization, procedure or device to customize your view of the market to create clear paths forward on your most critical decisions. 

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