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Healthcare’s Complete Relationship Intelligence Operating System

Chronicle Health helps MedTech, Pharma, Insurance & government agencies make better decisions using Relationship Intelligence algorithms that highlight connections between a business and their prospects or customers. 

Unparalleled Healthcare Device Market Coverage

Utilize the world’s largest database on the U.S. healthcare economy, built on public data, partner data and proprietary algorithms to layer buyer intent insights on 8.5+ million healthcare professionals

Identify and Understand Growth Opportunities

Combine your CRM data with our Relationship Intelligence OS and leverage 419 billion different data points to identify and support growth initiatives, plan territories for expanding sales teams, and enhance selling strategies.

Build Better Relationships with your Buyer’s Group

Unlock high quality, continuously updated intelligence on healthcare providers and facilities. Know changing market conditions, evolving buyer needs, and predictive and prescriptive data analytics to build relationships and close deals.



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Gain Unparallaled Customer Intelligence
Get the insights your business needs to grow revenue and win market share.