MEDQOR is a real-time healthcare business intelligence platform that connects healthcare professionals with vital intelligence on innovative technology solutions that will improve patient outcomes.

We offer practitioner and provider engagement solutions based upon real-world data, real-world evidence, and focused market intelligence. The result is more choice, clarity, and efficacy for patients, physicians, and providers as they optimize treatment.

MEDQOR marries data collection, data correlation and machine learning into one data analytics platform and couples that with media and marketing services to provide technology-embedded services that drives device adoption.

MEDQOR is privately held` and headquartered in the Kansas City metro, with team-members across the U.S.

Our Values 

Customer Focused

Every day we strive to better understand the rapidly evolving challenges faced by our customers and direct our primary attention to delivering successful, state-of-the-industry solutions that move the needle for our customers in a measurable way.


We understand that today, the world evolves rapidly in complex ways.  We recognize the need to continuously be innovating our products and services, and our customer value, to get in front of new challenges and to create new opportunities.


We know that we are only as good as our word.  We live our truths.  We keep our promises.  We recognize that there is a causal link between integrity and increased performance, and we vow to bring that to bear for ourselves and for our customers.


We know that our work is important. We also know how important it is to manage our own well-being or that of our families.  Therefore, we practice a balanced approach between our work and our lives outside of work so that we can maximize the value we create for the business and for our loved ones.


When we are at work, we work as hard as we can.  Each day we intend to “leave it all on the playing field”.  We embrace the personal and professional satisfaction that comes with the deep-seated knowledge that we have done the best that we can.


We take our responsibility to serve our fellow man and our planet very seriously.  We set aside time each year for each MEDQOR team member to volunteer their time in service of those less fortunate.  We are always conscious of the need to be vigilant in preserving the planet that we occupy.  We know that our environment is fragile, and we take every measure to protect it.