MEDQOR is a growing enterprise that is rapidly transitioning beyond information and marketing services to provide the leading AI/tech-enabled data platform serving U.S. healthcare.

For more than 34 years, MEDQOR has provided healthcare providers with critical and practical information around MedTech innovation and applications to improve patient outcomes. At the same time, we’ve consistently evolved our marketing services capabilities to provide MedTech suppliers with intelligence-based, effective, and measurable connections with their customers. Our KAIROS Intelligence-Based Marketing service uniquely combines data and analytics, and real-time intelligence, to target personalized messaging and create sales and marketing ROI.

MEDQOR’s Chronicle Health subsidiary is using data, technology, analytics, and expertise to provide real-world data and real-world solutions for healthcare providers and MedTech suppliers. We’ve amassed one of the world’s largest datasets, using public, private, partner, and proprietary 1st party data.
MEDQOR is privately held and headquartered in the Kansas City metro, with team-members across the U.S.

Our Story

MEDQOR began as CurAnt Communications in 1987 and merged with Medical World Communications in 1998. The business was built over the years through a combination of acquisition and development. In 2004, the business landed at Ascend Media and was re-branded as Allied Media. MEDQOR was acquired by the current ownership in 2009.

In 2012, MEDQOR began a journey to leverage big data and identify previously unseen opportunities for customer growth. We invested heavily in a technology platform designed to make sense of massive volumes of data. That platform is part of what is now Torch AI. In 2017, Torch AI was created and then spun off as its own entity. Today, Torch AI is the leading software business for an enlightened enterprise. Torch.AI is changing how data is used in the enterprise by increasing the availability of data, improving its quality, speeding the delivery, and providing a better audit trail. It is an enlightened approach.

Today, we have 2 sister companies: the aforementioned Torch AI, as well as General Commission, a business that simplifies access to, and consumption of, valuable data by accelerating data integration, transformation, and delivery.


Customer Focused

We never lose sight of the value that we create for our customers. Every day we strive to better understand the rapidly evolving challenges faced by our customers and direct our primary attention to delivering successful, state-of-the-industry solutions that move the needle for our customers in a measurable way.


We understand that today, the world evolves rapidly in complex ways.  We recognize the need to continuously be innovating our products and services, and our customer value, to get in front of new challenges and to create new opportunities.


We know that we are only as good as our word.  We live our truths.  We keep our promises.  We recognize that there is a causal link between integrity and increased performance, and we vow to bring that to bear for ourselves and for our customers.


We know that our work is important. Similarly, we know that as important as work is, it is never more important than our own well-being or that of our families.  Therefore, we practice a balanced approach between our work and our lives outside of work so that we can maximize the value we create for the business and for our loved ones.


When we are at work, we work as hard as we can.  Each day we intend to “leave it all on the playing field”.  We embrace the personal and professional satisfaction that comes with the deep-seated knowledge that we have done the best that we can.


We take our responsibility to serve our fellow man and our planet very seriously.  We set aside time each year for each MEDQOR team member to volunteer their time in service of those less fortunate.  We are always conscious of the need to be vigilant in preserving the planet that we occupy.  We know that our environment is fragile, and we take every measure to protect it.

At the same time, we cherish our fellow man and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness.  We are inclusive.  We accept everyone, and everyone belongs.  We expect MEDQOR team members to bring their whole, authentic, self to work every day, and to practice inclusivity in their personal settings.